Lisa’s journey was not an easy one. “I was homeless due to my drug addiction, and I often dreamed of changing my life, going to school, becoming the person I had always wanted to be.” Lisa lives in the Upper Valley and now works part-time at the Upper Valley Turning Point and Willow Grove sober house for women and their children. “I am a recovery coach, going to school part-time and raising my daughter alone.”

Lisa said, “I had not been a good student in high school and barely graduated, so it felt amazing to be ‘awarded’ the Fund. I was already attending school, but the assistance certainly allowed me to relax a little and maybe not worry about working quite so many hours to provide for my daughter. I am raising her alone, so having a little wiggle room made it easier to spend a little more time doing fun stuff with my daughter. I wasn’t terrified about not having enough money to pay the bills.” Ultimately, the financial help allowed Lisa to graduate from CCV.

Lisa talks about her addiction and has been able to chart a new course for her life. “Drug addiction affects so many of us—our children, mothers, fathers, friends, etc. It takes everything, and, for some of us, it eventually takes our lives. I am so proud to be clean and sober, to have changed the fate of my life, to have the opportunity to graduate and do it with honors, and to show that no matter how bad it gets, change is possible, sobriety is possible, love and happiness is possible.”