There’s a lot happening with The Curtis Fund. I’m very excited about our current collaboration with Saint Michael’s College to conduct a major survey of 1,000 former Curtis Fund recipients. We hope to find out what kind of impact the 100-year-old scholarship program has had on their lives. Also, we hope that the survey will provide ideas for improving the program to better meet the ever-growing need for financial assistance. The Board of Trustees feels that this survey is an important research project with real-world applications. Scholarships are very important to Vermonters, especially at this time when so many other sources of funding are in jeopardy. Scholarship funds like The Curtis Fund are vitally important helping young people achieve a healthy future with a good quality of life.

The actual survey will be overseen by two professors and conducted by students from the Center for Social Science Research at Saint Michael’s College. Former grantees will be asked about how much education they eventually received, how the scholarship may have influenced their lives, what life after college has been, and any suggestions they may have for improving the program.

If you have a story to tell about how the Fund helped you, Please share by going to www.thecurtisfund.org/support/share-your-story.  Or if you have ideas about the program, I’d like to know. Email me at jboutin@thecurtisfund.org. I will write about our findings when we have them.

As we begin the next 100 years, The Curtis Fund’s goals are to, not only better serve Vermont’s students, but also to assist even more students. We’re busy now, but plan to be even busier meeting our goals. We invite you to join the effort!