The Burlington High School Principal Brings an Extensive Background in Education BURLINGTON, VT—Joseph L. Boutin, The Curtis Fund Board President and Chair, announces that Burlington High School Principal Amy Mellencamp has been selected to join the Board of the 100-year-old scholarship program.

Amy Mellencamp has served since 1999 as the Principal of Burlington High School. Formerly the Director of Curriculum for the Burlington and Addison Northeast School Districts, she also taught as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Congo (formerly Zaire), coordinated Cambodian refugee educational programs in Thailand and California, and has participated in management and research graduate programs in higher education. Ms. Mellencamp has been involved in a variety of non-profit programs over the last 20 years including the Howard Center, ECHO, the United Way, and Mobius Mentoring.

“The Trustees feel that Amy Mellencamp is an important addition to the Board,” said Mr. Boutin. “Her diverse and strong background in education along with her involvement in numerous non-profit organizations will provide an added dimension to the work of the Board.”

Emma Eliza Curtis, a physician’s wife, died in 1910 leaving $120,000 in a trust named the General Education Fund, to help young Vermont men and women pursue a college education or to learn a trade. Over the last 100 years, Emma’s bequest has grown to over $28 million, helping tens of thousands of Vermonters and providing as much as $1.5 million each year in scholarships.

The mission of The Curtis Fund, Vermont’s oldest scholarship program, is to provide educational scholarships to Vermont students pursuing a college or trade school education. Financial aid is granted to Vermont students no matter what their career goals are. The Curtis Fund does not accept direct applications from students but has partnered with the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation. VSAC determines, through its Outreach program, which students meet the criteria for assistance, as specified in Emma Eliza Curtis’ will.