More Thoughts on VSAC Counselors

Spring, 2013 Our recent spring newsletter focused on the process used by VSAC to identify students who would be eligible for and would benefit from a Curtis Fund grant. In my “A Few Thoughts” letter in that edition, I wrote about how many of our grantees often face hardships that make it difficult for them to continue their studies. I receive many letters from former recipients telling me their stories and when I meet with the VSAC Outreach Counselors, they share other stories. I’ve learned that having a successful educational experience is not always about money. Sometimes there are family issues, other obligations, insecurities, or personal tragedies that create obstacles. It’s difficult to study when distracted by these outside pressures.

This is why The Curtis Fund owes a debt of gratitude to the VSAC Outreach Counselors. These men and women, not only work with our recipients through high school, but also are involved well beyond. They continue to provide guidance, support, encouragement, solutions, advice, and their own personal experiences to help inspire the students to stay the course and hopefully finish college.

When I receive thank you letters from our Curtis scholars, most write that their success was due to a combination of The Curtis Fund grant and their Outreach Counselor’s support. We are grateful for this partnership. It’s a partnership that aims to provide the best hope for a successful future for all of us.

Joseph Boutin, Chair, The Curtis Fund Board of Directors