Gratitude and Regret

Our current newsletter is out. In my letter, I wrote about gratitude and regret—gratitude that our recipients are reaching their goals but regret that the needs outweigh the resources of the Fund. A great education is transformative. We want to help more students have the opportunity to transform their lives. If you’ve received our latest newsletter, you’ve read the stories of just three of our recent grantees. It always amazes me that these students have achieved so much while facing some major challenges. We are proud of their determination, perseverance, and positive attitudes despite difficulties along the way. While we rejoice in their achievements, the knowledge that there are more who need assistance is never far from our thoughts.

As this new year begins, the Curtis Fund Board feels hopeful. It’s the time of year to make resolutions and when all things seem possible. We will be expanding our efforts to increase the Fund and thereby help even more qualified students. We are inspired by the legacy that our founder Emma Eliza Curtis left for us and by the stories of success shared by our grantees.

In the coming year, we are determined to do more and will be sharing our ideas on fundraising efforts. We hope the entire Curtis Fund community will join us in our commitment to make a difference.

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Joseph Boutin, President, Curtis Fund Board of Trustees