Everyone Needs a Helping Hand

Summer 2015 It’s summer in Vermont and although it’s been a rainy start, trees and lawns are green and lush, flowers are blooming and fragrant, birds are busy nesting—the natural world is bursting with activity. As I enjoy all the pleasures of a Vermont summer, I’m mindful that next Fall’s group of students will be heading off to school in just a couple of months. I’m happy to say that The Curtis Fund will be helping about 450 young people pursue their post-secondary educational ambitions. Most, if not all, would likely be dropping out or postponing their education because of financial concerns.

In our recent newsletter, I talked about how much I rely on the help of others to accomplish the work of The Curtis Fund because we have no paid staff. Our recipients also need help and support from many sources to overcome extraordinary challenges and barriers. The Curtis Fund helps by providing much-needed money to pay for their education. I’m proud that we are helping so many deserving young—and sometimes, not so young—students.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life is that no one goes through the journey alone. Whether it’s the rain that creates the green lawns, or the worms mother robins feed the fledglings so they grow strong, or the pollenating done by bees to produce flowers and fruit, we all need the help of others along the way.

Joe Boutin, Chair, The Curtis Fund Board of Directors