A Most Generous Gift

Winter, 2015 I am looking out the window on a gray, wintry day and should be feeling the winter doldrums that seem to arrive every year at this time for most Vermonters. But instead, I am feeling warmed by the news that at the end of 2014, a large donation was made to The Curtis Fund. This donor—actually it’s a married couple—wishes to remain anonymous at this time, but I had to share the great news with The Curtis Fund family about the extremely generous donation.

What does this donation mean? Well, it means that another student will be attending college this year! This donation doesn’t stop with this one student—each year a student will benefit from a scholarship and this couple has made provisions in their will to bequeath money to The Fund.

Our anonymous donor is a former Curtis Fund recipient. Like many other former grantees who have made donations to The Fund, he knows firsthand the difference an education makes in one’s life. We are thrilled and immensely grateful to him and his wife that we can add another student to our Curtis Fund scholars.

This is what is keeping me warm on this chilly January day.

Joe Boutin, Chair, The Curtis Fund Board of Directors