His parents have been Blaz’s motivation and The Curtis Fund gave him the financial help he needed, particularly after an injury scuttled his plans to get a volleyball scholarship. Blaz said, “I can’t imagine if it had not worked out. It took a huge weight off my family. I truly believe without this scholarship I wouldn’t be attending. As hard working and dedicated as my parents are, the expenses of college would have completely consumed them.”

Blaz went on to say, “Getting The Curtis Fund grant was hope. It was what I needed to continue. Frankly, no one’s life is easy. Life is a battle sometimes, especially for a first-generation American from Croatia. The fact that there is a scholarship such as the Curtis Fund to give students a chance to follow their hopes and dreams to me is astonishing. It’s sometimes hard to imagine such generosity. We all should attempt to live a life like Emma Eliza Curtis. Her kindness and generosity was outstanding. I thank her.”